Prague BeerGarden’s Favorite Places for a Burger and Beer

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Since a good burger, in our opinion, is only as enjoyable as the beer you’re drinking it with, we’ve put together a list of our favorite places in Prague to enjoy the classic time-tested combination.

Our criteria was simple, but ultimately quite hard to judge; we accessed each place equally on not only the quality of their burger, but also what beer they had on tap, and the condition of that beer as well.

After all, to do a good Czech beer justice, you have to have some fine beef. So here’s our list:

Best Burgers + Beer Places in Prague

Dish Fine Burger Bistro

The burgers and beer here are, in our opinion, consistently the best Prague has to offer. On every visit, they’ve delivered a delicious juicy burger on a nicely toasted bun with fresh toppings. The homemade, freshly cut fries are superb as well.The menu is innovative, atmosphere trendy and upbeat, and the Únětické (our favorite Czech lager) is always in good shape and completely addictive.

The Tavern

An authentic American style tavern, the folks here make burgers in true American fashion; thick and meaty, served alongside fries (they even have waffle fries!) in a plastic red basket. While Ježek is fine, the beer that put the Tavern on our list is their selection of bottles from Pivovar Nomad, a Czech ‘gypsy’ brewery which specializes in American style ales with a good Czech foundation. We especially love Nomad’s ale ‘Karl’.

U Tří Růží

This Old Town microbrewery not only makes some fantastic beers- but also a great burger. Juicy, never over-cooked, this heavy duty burger is generously topped with Emmental cheese and thickly sliced bacon. With at least 4 beers to choose from, the beer is fresh and in top-notch shape. The prices are steeper in this restaurant, and service can be unpleasant, but the beers make it a worthwhile experience.

Café Sladkovský

This charming cafe/bar always has on tap Únětické 10°, and sometimes on a lucky day, their unfiltered 12°. Their burger is simply done, but simply done well- bringing back memories of backyard barbecues, this is a burger that exemplifies this classic dish. Served on a simple sesame seed bun, their beef is tender and juicy, and their menu offers some diversity. The fries are thickly cut, the prices good, and the atmosphere artsy and laid-back.

Peter's Burger Pub

A new comer to the Prague Burger scene, Peter’s has certainly chosen the right partner for their burger, beers from Kocour. In line with American pubs, the burgers here range in toppings and sizes, but always come on a simply toasted white bready bun, complete with a hell of a toothpick to hold it all together. Peter’s Kocour tastes fresh, and one tap rotates. Service is at times careless, but prices here are a bit cheaper than other pubs, especially when considering the size and quality.

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