DIY Beer Tour: Prague’s Spectacular Views & Microbrews Enjoy Stunning Views of Prague with a Beer in Hand on Our DIY Tour!

Prague is known as a city with amazing architecture, charming cobbled streets, spectacular views, and some of the best beer in the world. So we’ve done what’s only logical- to combine the most scenic viewpoints of Prague with Czech microbrew beer for your own DIY Beer Tour, focused on enjoying the best views of Prague with Czech microbrews.

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This is actually the first of a series of DIY beer oriented tours that we’ll be regularly releasing. We’ve included some useful info like what to bring and when to go. So grab some friends, comfy shoes, and get good and thirsty!

Starting Point: Letenské Náměstí (reachable by trams 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 25, and 26.). View map & directions.

Stop 1: Base Camp

Base Camp is a little pub/specialty beer store that has a great selection plus beer on tap. We recommend that you buy at least two bottles….maybe more, depending on how enthusiastic you are about their selection. Also, choose a beer style that you won’t get a chance to enjoy on this tour- so a good ale from Matuška, something from Clock, or a more robust lager from Hendrych, for example. For this tour, there are multiple places where it’s possible to drink your own beer and enjoy a stunning view.

Stop 2: Letná Beer Garden

We recommend starting off with the lighter stuff in Letná Beer Garden; a nice refreshing 10° Gambrinus lager is the perfect beverage for enjoying one of our favorite views of the Golden City. Despite the plastic cup your Gambrinus is served in, you’ll no doubt enjoy the stellar view over the curving Vltava river below, arched over by Prague’s many bridges, as both historic Old and New Towns unfurl below.

Stop 3: Letenské and Chotkovy Sady

The next part of the journey is where you’ll experience more amazing views and have a chance to enjoy those bottles you’ve bought at Base Camp. Wander west through Letenské Sady, and be sure to stop by the giant Metronome, a skateboarder’s paradise and a grand opportunity to pop open the first bottle. Choose a spot, throw down your picnic blanket, and enjoy the atmosphere.

Keep moving west and be sure to stop by Hanavský Pavilion, which is one of Prague’s most iconic views of the Vltava with its many arching bridges below. Next, head a bit further away from the river and cross into Chotkovy Sady, which is located just across Chotkova street, (which is the large, curved street that the trams crawl up from Mala Strana to the castle). Walk through shady Chotkovy Sady, which is another perfect spot to enjoy a bottle.

Next, get ready for a short tram ride. (You can walk this entire tour if you’d like, but be aware that walking this next part will take about 20 minutes).  Take tram 22 from Královský Letohrádek, and head to our last stop, Pivovar Strahov. Go 3 tram stops and get off at the tram stop Pohořelec.

Stop 4: Klášterní Pivovar Strahov

Klášterní Pivovar Strahov is one of Prague’s oldest, and in our opinion, also one of Prague’s best microbreweries. Their beer is consistently excellent. We love their märzen style amber lager and their IPA is fantastic. They always have at least one seasonal brew too- so there is always something new to look forward to. In nice weather, they have a pleasant garden. If you’ve worked up an appetite from this walk, this is a nice place to fill up on some hearty Czech cuisine.

What to bring:
  • a bottle opener
  • a picnic blanket (optional)
  • cups or glasses
  • wear comfy walking shoes
  • a map of Prague
  • a tram ticket (the shorter 24 czk ticket is enough)


When to go:

This tour is ideal for an afternoon, and in good weather, so you can see all the dramatic views. Ending in the evening with a chance to enjoy the sunset is ideal.
If you start early, check the hours of operation of Base Camp and Pivovar Strahov. Base Camp is open every day, starting at 2, and Strahov opens everyday at 10.


Who this tour is designed for:
  • A more adventurous person who likes to walk.
  • This tour is made for any sized group.

Don't want to do a DIY tour? Join one of our guided Beer Tasting Tours or Beer Tasting Events!

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