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Klášterní Pivovar Strahov

Located just behind the Prague Castle is one of Prague’s best mini-breweries, Klasterni Pivovar, also called Strahov Monastic Brewery. Today, Klasterni Pivovar is known for brewing rich, classic Czech lagers, a great IPA, as well as special seasonal brews. Serving fine food, and with a lively, classic Czech pub atmosphere, Klasterni Pivovar is popular among both Czechs and tourists alike.

Klasterni Pivovar’s history begins long ago. Housed in a building which was founded by King Vladislav II in 1142, the first records of this brewery appear in the 13th and 14th centuries. As brewing progressed, Abbot Kaspar Questenberg decided to build a new and completely functioning brewery in 1698. The foundation of this first brewery is where the restaurant is currently located. Closing in 1907, the brewery didn’t open again until 2000, when it underwent a complete restoration, and began to resemble what you can experience today.

There are 3 beers which are always on tap at Klasterni Pivovar: Sv.Norbert Amber, Sv.Norbert Dark, and our favorite, Sv.Norbert IPA. All beers are unfiltered, and served perfectly fresh and cold. Seasonal beers are also available throughout the year. For example, during the spring they brew a wheat ale and at Christmas they tap a very unique and potent Christmas ale. These aren’t the only special beers brewed at Klasterni Pivovar- having a creative brew master, they’ve come up with a few other varieties, which appear occasionally in the restaurant or even make it to some beer festivals. However- these beers are brewed in limited quantities, and run out quickly. Brewing just 1,400 hectoliters a year, Klasterni Pivovar is a small operation, which is content to offer great beer made from quality ingredients, and isn’t focused on expanding their operation.

Brewery and Restaurant
Klasterni Pivovar’s large complex is divided into 3 main parts: the courtyard, which is great place to enjoy your beer in pleasant weather, St.Norbert restaurant which is non-smoking, and the brewery itself, which is more of a pub atmosphere. The menu consists of traditional Czech dishes, prepared well, and which use ingredients from local Czech producers. Prices are more than your average restaurant, but then again, your average Czech restaurant doesn’t have this great beer, or this delicious food. Service is friendly and professional, and the staff speaks English well.

How to Get There
Brewery tours are available on an individual basis, just contact the brewery. The brewmaster also does beer tastings, and Klasterni Pivovar is well equipped to host events for companies or large groups. To reach Klasterni Pivovar, take tram 22 or 25 to Pohorelec, and walk up the hill 200 meters to the Strahov Monastic Brewery.

Beer Menu

Address: Strahovské nádvoří 301/10

Neighborhood: Hradčany

City: Prague

Phone: +420 233 353 155


50.08674 14.38841

Prague Pub Map


Bernard Heyes   20 August 2015 03:18 PM

Great IPA but getting served at even at an off peak time is problematic and the staff are rude.

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