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April is upon us, and while the climate remains entirely undecided as to whether or not Winter is over, we’re calling it. It’s Spring, and rain or shine you’ll find us enjoying a cold beer in (we hope!) the sunshine. This months beer line-up will be taking us out and around the Czech countryside, and even into deepest darkest Slovakia.

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Our top tip is that you venture out of Prague and find a beery location to celebrate Čarodějnice at the end of this month. This is a witch-burning festival with fairly hazy origins, but in its modern incarnations tends to consist of communities coming together to build a massive (and I really mean massive) bonfire (with or without an arts and crafts “witch” to throw on the flames) and enjoy a night of pyrotechnical fun. There’s a big fire, and you’re in the Czech Republic, so beer and sausages are pretty much guaranteed.


Tour po pivovarech XXXV

Pivovar Trilobit are really the new kids on the Prague brewing scene, having only gotten established in 2017 at their brewery in Libeň. This month there’s a tour on offer around their more central bar and shop, with a chance to taste their beers and speak to their brewers. Reservations are necessary, as it’s going to be a small group!

Thursday April 5th, 5:30pm

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The Malá Strana Beer Tasting Tour

Most unfortunately, Prague’s scenic Malá Strana neighbourhood features some truly abysmal drinking establishments, whether it’s the 300% price increase on your Gambrinus, or the “tank” Pilsner which has been sitting in it’s tank for 3 weeks. That’s why we arrange this bespoke tour, stopping at two of the areas best pubs, and finishing at its only microbrewery. Join us to learn a little about beer, a little history, and taste the best the Old Town has to offer.

Saturdays in April, 3:30pm

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Beer Souvenir Swap

Each Spring, collectors of coasters, labels, glasses, and cans converge in Rakovník for a bit of epic beer geekery. If you’re less fussy about your beers being craft, and looking for a little history, novelty, and yes, kitsch, this is the place to be. As always there will be beers to drink, tombolas to tombola, and a lot to see (even if you don’t have a precious vintage beer can collection squirrelled away).

Saturday April 7th, 7am onwards

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Hellstork Brewery Tasting

Hellstork are a small Slovakian brewery, who’ve been brewing at home and in microbreweries for the past five years. This April they’ll be travelling to the Raven bar in Pilsen to present some of their most recent brews. This tasting should be a great opportunity to sample some craft brews from a little further afield.

Friday April 13th

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Říčany Pivní MiniFest

From Prague’s main train station you can hop to the town of Říčany in just 30 minutes, for all the convenience of the city with a little less hustle and bustle. This evening event will be showcasing microbreweries from around the Czech Republic, and has a line-up of live punk-rock.

Friday 13th April, 7:30pm

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Salón Piva Bratislava

No you didn’t read that wrong, and no, I haven’t gone mad. We’re including not only a Slovak brewery tasting, but an actual Slovakian event in April’s line-up. Aesthetically challenged as Bratislava may be, this is going to be a huge event, with over 80 breweries and hundreds of craft beers on offer over two days. Tickets are only €5, so if you’ve been considering visiting our closest neighbours, now is the time (if you don’t want to travel, fear not, the festival comes to Prague in June!).

April 18th-20th

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The Blind Tasting Challenge

Every Friday in April we’ll be holding our Blind Tasting Challenge at Smichov’s excellent Ale! Bar. One of our guides will talk you through whatever’s fresh on tap, and then test your skills as you try to figure out which beer’s which.

Fridays in April, 5pm

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Kocouří Kouř

Fortunately, hazy ashtray-scented Czech pubs have become a thing of the past, but that’s not stopping Pivovar Kocour from celebrating all things smoked. Their brewery, located by the German border, will be putting on a spread of smoked and cured foods, to be enjoyed with a selection of craft brews from the surrounding area. To get Spring started they’ll be burning Rampušačka, a wintry witchy figure who (based on my extensive google research) is generally made by schoolchildren from paper and sticks.

Saturday April 28th, Noon onwards

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Scottish Festival at Únětický pivovar

Únětický pivovar plays host every Spring to a festival of Scottish culture, and this year is no exception. Details are scarce at the moment, but last years event featured ceilidh (yes I spelled that right) dancing, archery, and plenty of other Scottish fun. Consider taking a hike through the scenic Únětice valley and enjoying a day of live music, beer, food, and family friendly activities at one of the best breweries surrounding Prague.

Saturday April 28th

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Čerodějnice at Pardubice Brewery

The end of April in the Czech Republic is always packed full of Čerodějnice (witch burning) events. Somewhat surprisingly they tend to be thoroughly jolly affairs with huge fires, singing and dancing, kids out in full force, and of course, lots of beer. This event in Pardubice will be no exception, and is just a quick jaunt from Prague.

Saturday April 28th, Noon-10pm

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