Prague’s Best Spring Beer Festivals

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Spring’s here, and that also means it’s time for outdoor beer festivals. Here’s a list of the best festivals our golden city has to offer, as well as a few notes about some others.


Žižkovské pivobraní 2014
Located in Parukářka on June 6th and 7th, this festival is fun because there’s no entrance fee, you don’t have to buy a degustation set (but the glasses are always nice and useful), and you can try some completely new breweries. You simply buy beer with good old czk…no unnecessary cards or other bothersome payment systems. The live bands and music are decent, a nice variety of Czech festival food, and with such a nice view, it’s simply a most enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Pražském Hradě Mini-brewery Festival 2014
Prague’s most prestigious beer festival, Pražském Hradě Mini-brewery Festival is held on June 13th and 14th, in the very scenic Castle Gardens. The view and atmosphere are fantastic, not to mention the beer. Organized by the Českomoravský mini-brewery association, the best and most popular of Czech microbreweries lines up alongside those breweries new to the scene, giving you a great panoramic sort of variety. There is an entrance fee, and this gives you a degustation glass and program (valuable for those of us who need some help in remembering all the good beer we’ve tried). You only pay for entrance, beers are covered in the entrance fee. A classy event.

Pivo na Náplavce 2014
On May 30 and 31st, the farmer’s market area normally held on the riverbank of the Vltava below Rašínovo Nábřeží converges into one giant Czech market of beer, good food, and music. Many microbreweries, and some larger scale operations take part, so there is a chance to try many different beers. No entrance, and you don’t have to buy a degustation set. The crowds are intense, due to location and the already packed farmer’s market following. But still a fun adventure and hanging out by the river with a few beers is always a good time.

Černokostelecké vysmolení Beer Festival
We honestly haven’t been to this one, but we’ve heard good things, and have every intention of going this year. As the operations of quality pubs like U Vodoucha and U Slovanské Lípy we think it’s more than worth a shot.

Festival Malých Pivovarů Třebíč 2014
A newer brewery, Třebíč makes some great lagers and ales. We’re currently working on a travel story about Pivovar Třebíč and it’s wonderful town, to be out soon. We think anyone would enjoy spending a day in this historic, beautiful little town and a night at this brewery. Their restaurant serves amazing food, and there’s an impressive Jaguar museum on the premises.

Czech Beer Festival Prague 2014
In years past, the operators of this event for some odd reason tried to make it as Munich like as possible, equalling staff dressed in bizarre trashy (?) outfits and large groups of drunk aggressive people. There is an entrance fee, and to buy beer you have to have an rechargeable card. The location has changed and this year it’ll be held in Letná.

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