Pivo Na Náplavce

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This festival is canceled. On May 31 and June 1, Náplavke, normally a pleasant riverside cafe/bar area and Farmer’s Market on Saturdays will become ‘Pivo Na Náplavce’, a festival of small and mini Czech breweries. According to their flyer and website (which sadly doesn’t have much info about which breweries will be participating), there’ll be Djs, music, food, an of course beer.

On Saturday from 11-14, there will be the ‘Beer Flea Market’. Entrance costs 200 czk, and is valid for both days- meaning you can enter multiple times. This also includes a glass and a catalog. A new beer has been brewed for the event, ‘Vltavský Plavec’, (Vltava Swimmers) a special 13° light beer.

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