Plzeňský Prazdroj Shop

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For those in Prague who’d like to buy some Pilsner memorabilia, look no further than at the foot of the Charles Bridge in Mala Strana. The famous brewery Plzeňský Prazdroj has recently opened up a shop on U Lužického Semináře, which sells everything Pilsner Urquell imaginable.

This Pilsner shop sells every glass that you could have possibly drunk Pilsner Urquell from, including the traditional rounded mugs, taller champagne style glasses, etched glasses, ceramic and glass beer steins, and in .5 and .33 liter sizes. If you’re looking for shirts, they have a large variety of t-shirts, collared golf shirts, and other sport clothes. Hats, keychains, bottle openers, pens, towels, jackets are all available. Prices are good too, especially for their glasses.

The shop assistants speak English and are helpful. They also have some information available about visiting their brewery in the city of Pilsen as well. In the near future, they’re also planning on developing a visitor’s center for their brewery, which is located in the city of Pilsen. If you can’t make it to Pilsen, this is a great place to shop for Pilsner Urquell goods!

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