Our Favorite Beers to Warm Up With this Winter Our Favorite Beers to Warm Up With this Winter

Our Favorite Beers to Warm Up With this Winter

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Winter’s here, and when faced with another dark cold Czech winter, it’s best to take advantage of the what the local lands have to offer in the way of comfort. Even though light lagers are the regional hallmark, quite a few Czech breweries brew warming concoctions that give one nice insulation against the bitter cold. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Zemský India Brown Ale
Quite a unique beer and a real treat for the Czech beer scene, this India Brown Ale uses 5 kinds of hops (Cascade, Citra, CTZ, Amarillo, Centennial) and a special yeast. Brewed by Joshua West for Zemský Pivovar, this ale is extraordinary for its unique blend of hops, which lend a floral aroma and a citrus touch to this rich, lemony beer. Very aromatic and bitter, simply a must try!

Clock- Sarah
Rich and with a distinct chocolate taste, this heavy hitter is sure to warm you up. The aroma is of candied fruit. Smooth and creamy in texture, and there’s a sweet, a generous touch of stewed raisins to the body. Every taste you associate with winter in one dangerously delicious 24° beer. Perfect for giving you some courage or humor at not so exciting office/family events.

Lucia Wywar Ale
Brewed in Slovakia by Holíčsky Pivovar Wywar, this 14° IPA is a dark amber color and tastes of caramel, brown sugar, toffee. Using Citra hops, there’s a decent amount of bitterness, balancing the sweeter caramel and toffee flavors. Pivovar Wywar’s beers are becoming a nice addition to the Prague beer scene, and we’re looking forward to trying more of them. Lucia goes very nicely with gingerbread cookies.

Břevnovský Benedict Dark Lager
The aroma of this 11° dark lager from Břevnovský Klášter is of cola and toffee. Four kinds of malt are used, giving this lager strong tones of coffee, cola, and dark chocolate. At the end, there’s a good crisp, dry, bite, and the bitterness lingers just a bit in the finish. A lovely lager that stands up well to a hearty goulash.

Svatý Norbert Speciální Tmavé
Smooth, but richly flavored with roasted coffee, hazelnuts, and a hint of caramel, Sv.Norbert’s dark lager is the best of both worlds- something dark and warming with complex layers, but easy drinking. Coffee and roasty nuts are found in the first sniff. Hops are hardly present, as bitterness is minimal, and the finish is short and sweet.

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