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October is seriously jam packed with events happening in and around Prague, we’ve got three birthdays, a tap takeover, and two city-wide events to look forward to. Perhaps most importantly, the hot Summer days have passed, which not only means we can once again venture outside without fear of melting, we can be ready to enjoy the complex and malty flavours of Autumn and Winter brews.

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BeerGeek Birthday

It’s hard to believe that this Prague beer institution has only been kicking around for 4 years, but they’ll be celebrating their birthday this month in style. An award winning bartender will be in attendance to produce beer cocktails (something a little more sophisticated than a shandy we assume!), with cake and 30 beers tapped or pumped, it really won’t be one to miss.

2nd October, 3pm-2am

BeerGeek Bar, Vinohradská 988/62, Prague

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Bernard Day!

Bernard day is such a tradition at this point that it’s getting an exclamation point in its title. It may not be the most sophisticated beer event of the year, but it’s simplicity and popularity bring together beer fans across the country. Go to a bar which sells Bernard on October 4th (after 5pm mind you), and any large or small Bernard brew costs just 15czk. Reservations are a good idea, and beer will run out.

October 4th, 5pm-kegs run dry

All establishments serving Bernard

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Zhůřák tap takeover

Palmovka’s little known craft beer bar, Napalmě, (expect a packed basement and festivities spilling over onto the street) will be showcasing 10 beers from the Zhůřák brewery, located just outside of Pilsen. Brewer, Chris Baerwaldt, will be on hand to answer questions, and the selection includes their Hop Swill IPA, Joe Coffee Stout, and Total Eclipse Black ale.

5-7th October

Napalmě, Zenklova 13, Prague 8

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Moucha turns two

One of the more recent additions to Prague’s microbrewing scene, Moucha is located in a large complex to the South of Prague, which used to belong to Branik. They’re taking full advantage of their surroundings for this birthday party, with 50% off the laser tag next door, and a historical train ride. There will of course be beers on tap, accompanied by free gulash, and live music.

October 6th, 2-10pm

Pivovar Moucha, Údolní 212/1, 14000 Prague

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Mala Strana Beer Tour

Now that it’s cool enough to move outside during actual daytime, it’s the perfect time to enjoy one of Prague’s oldest and most beautiful neighbourhoods, with some beers along the way. Join one of our very own guides to take a curated trip through the beers of Mala Strana, both historical and modern.

Saturdays at 3:30pm (or by arrangement)

Meet at Mostecká 273/21, 118 00 Malá Strana, Prague

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Pilsner Fest

Celebrating the anniversary of Pilsner’s first ever brew in 1842, Pilsner Fest takes place every October. This is a large scale event, with special trains running to and from Prague and more activities than you can shake a beer at. Highlights of the day include pouring classes, a professional bartending competition, live music, great food, and much more. For transport and brewery tours, reservations are recommended.

October 6th, 11am onwards

U Prazdroje 7, 30497 Plzen

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Open doors at Pivovar Kunratice

Located by the tranquil Kunratice forest on the outskirts of Prague, Pivovar Kunratice has been brewing up their Muflon beers for four years now. However, lacking a bar and restaurant, this open doors day is a great chance to check out what they have going on. Attractions include brewery tours, live music, tombola, burgers, and fresh beers on tap.

October 6th, noon-10pm

Pivovar Kunratice, Vídeňská 405, 148 00 Prague

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4 Years of Vinohradsky Pivovar

October 2018 is the month of 4th birthdays apparently, with one of Prague’s best known microbreweries celebrating it’s quadrennial (it’s a word, I checked). This event looks set to be casual but fun, with the brewery encouraging anyone to come hang out over a beer, and make suggestions for their future. They’ll be unveiling a brand new brew, and showcasing live music (including a band whose name translates as Pork Comet, just go). If that weren’t enough, for any Czech speakers reading, they’re starting a new pub quiz!

October 12th, 7-30pm-1am

Vinohradský pivovar, Korunní 2506/106, 101 00 Prague

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Blind Beer Tasting

If a pub quiz at Vinohradsky isn’t to your liking, why not come try our beery alternative. Both a tasting treat, and a serious challenge, one of our guides will talk you through 8 carefully selected brews. The only problem, working out which is which!

Fridays at 5pm (or by arrangement)

Ale! Bar, Elišky Peškové 79/9, 150 00 Prague

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Beer Signals

Last but not least, I’m going rogue and recommending a non-beer festival (and inventing a name for it). The Signal Festival takes place in Prague every October, and is a city wide, curated program of light and sound art spread over several evenings. My strong recommendation is to grab yourself a few craft beers (something dark and strong fits the Autumnal bill), relocate your woolly socks, and head out to enjoy lighting the dark in true Czech style. This years program includes several installations around Karlin, where you can be sure to pick up a delicious brew at Bad Flash.

October 11-14th

Across Prague

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