Beer Events - May 2018 Upcoming Czech Beer Events & Festivals

As the weather gets warmer, the task of providing you with a list of Czechia’s finest beer events becomes an ever more pleasant one. There’s so much happening, and there’s no better way to enjoy a Bohemian (or Moravian!) afternoon than celebrating with the sun on your face and a beer in your hand.

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This month sees Prague’s first large beer festival of the year, as well as a little something to keep the foodies happy. If you’re looking to wander off the beaten track, there’s Hop Fest, a weird and wonderful party at which the nation’s favourite plant is centre stage.



Žatec is really, really proud of their hops, and each year they express that pride at the hoppiest celebration around. A parade (with hop-themed carriages) is followed by a blessing of the years harvest, a series of boozy contests, tastings of local brews, children’s activities, and live music. As if that weren’t enough there will be someone walking around dressed as a giant animate hop, I’ve seen the pictures.

May 12th, noon onwards

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Malá Strana Beer Tasting Tour

It’s getting warm outside, and what better way to see one of Prague’s oldest, history-packed neighbourhoods, than with a beer in hand. Join us on a sultry Saturday afternoon to tour two of Mala Strana’s finest pubs, and its only microbrewery. We’ll be tasting a variety of yummy brews, learning a little about how they’re made, and how they came to be.

Saturdays at 3:30

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Český Pivni Festival

This month will see the return of the 17 day Czech Beer Festival to Letenska Plan, just behind the idyllic Letna park in Prague. The festival will be open each day from noon until midnight, and just 100kc buys you entry for the duration. A huge variety of breweries, both large and small, will be represented, food will be available in vast quantities, and there’s a cracking line-up of DJs and live music to keep you entertained while you quench your thirst.

May 10th-26th

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Anniversary of Únětice Brewery

Celebrating the 7th year since their reopening, Únětice have really outdone themselves with the program for this event. Aside from food, tastings, and the ceremonial tapping of a new beer, there will be demonstrations of blacksmithing, a performance from the Prague Ukulele Band, two fairytale themed plays for the kids, and a beer quiz for “sober parents”.

May 12th, noon onwards

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Birthday Celebrations of Pivovar Matuška

For those who know the Prague beer scene, there’s no doubt that Pivovar Matuška warrants special status. They’re celebrating another year of producing delicious craft brews right here in the capital, alongside their foodie partners at Krystal Bistro. There will be 20 Matuška beers on tap, a rare treat in itself, and excellent eats to go with them.

May 12th, noon onwards

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Den P

Pivo day, or beer day, is a cultural highlight of Náchod, a charming northern Czech town with easy access to Prague. Náchod is the home of the Primator brewery, who’ve been kicking around for a good 500 years, but aren’t shy to vary from the Czech lager norm. They’ll be opening their doors and putting on live music, a kids program, and contests. Perhaps most importantly, each of their beers will be available for the paltry sum of 20kc.

May 19th, 1pm onwards

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Fresh Festival Plzeň

While not strictly speaking a beer event, this gourmet festival is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic, and has a dedicated beer section with more than enough to keep the most avid beer fan happy. Pilsner Urquell will unsurprisingly be the stars of the show, with their freshest brews available, but a number of the excellent craft brewers from Plzeň and the surrounding area will be in attendance for the more adventurous palate.

May 19th-20th

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Beer and Burger Festival

Returning to Prague’s hip Karlin neighbourhood for its third year, this outdoor event celebrates the classic beer and burger combo. 23 Czech breweries are coming along for the fun, with over 100 beers on offer. The highlight of the day will be a homebrewing demonstration and workshop where you can learn how to make your own.

May 20th, 11am onwards

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Blind Craft Beer Tasting

Think you know your IPAs from your APAs, your stouts from your porters? Why not join one of our very own expert guides at the excellent Ale Bar!, for an afternoon of tasting while trying to figure out what exactly it is you’re drinking. We take whatever’s fresh on tap and give you the opportunity to play who’s who in the world of beer.

Fridays at 5pm, or by arrangement

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