Czech Beer Festival 2013

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Once again, the Czech beer festival will be taking place at Holešovice Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště) from May 16- June 1. The main Breweries featured are Ježek, Klášter, Platan, Vysoký Chlumec, and Rytchář. Pivní Rozmanitost, as in years past, will give drinkers a chance to try beers from Třebonice, Břevnovský Klašter, Antoš, Nomád, plus many more.

Unlike other years, an admission charge of 90 czk will be applied to guest entering after 14 everyday, and during Saturday and Sunday. Included in the admission price is one beer. This year, they’ve also done away with their previous system of ‘tollars’ and are using instead rechargeable plastic cards. All sorts of food should be available too.

Given our past experience at the Czech Beer festival and the consistent deteriorating quality of the festival itself, it’s a bit ridiculous that such an event would charge for admission. In previous years, this festival has been filled to the brim with a wide range of visitors: tourists, beer enthusiasts, Czechs, and expats. There isn’t a better way to limit the sort of visitors than to charge admission. Why pay 90 czk and queue for your beer, when the best of Czech pubs offer you a similar selection, peace, and don’t charge admission?

Take trams 17, 24, 3 to Výstaviště and head towards the Křižík fountain.

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