Czech Beer Festival May 17 - June 2

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Prague’s Czech Beer Festival begins this Friday, May 17 and lasts for 17 days until June 2. Located at Výstaviště exhibition center in Holešovice, this year’s festival once again has large tents, which serve different beer.

Tent 1 is divided into section A and B, both of which will serve beer from the Lobkowicz brewery. Tent 2 is the most interesting, sponsored by Pivni Rozmanitost and serving beer from Kocour, Kout na Šumavě, and Chýně, just to name a few.

To buy beer and food, you’ll need to use ‘tolars’ which is their special sort of currency. One tolar equals 45 czk, and you have to buy tolars in packs of 5.


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