Prague Beer Festival May 17 - June 2

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From May 17 - June 2, Prague will be holding its annual Czech Beer Festival. For those who’re new to this festival, it’s a great chance to try just about every beer brewed in the Czech Republic. Over 70 breweries will participate, and there will also be all sorts of traditional and gourmet food. Up to 10,000 people can fit under their tent, so there should be room for everyone.

The breweries will be organized into 2 tents. We’re particularly interested in Tent B, which has an exciting line-up with some of our favorite Czech breweries Kocour, Purkmistr, and Zvikov will be.

This year, its conveniently located in Výstaviště, (which is close to metro station Holešovice, and the park Stromovka), and entrance is free. In order to buy a beer, you have to buy ‘tolars’, their own special sort of beer currency. One beer is about 2 tolars, but the price varies depending on the beer. We’ll keep you posted for more info.

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