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While you might well be familiar with the Prague Spring as political period, it is undeniably a beautiful time to spend in this country. It might be the first flowers of the year, or an afternoon warm enough to consider sitting on Naplavka, either way there’s plenty to celebrate.

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Regardless of what the weather has in store, March is going to be jam packed with exciting beer events across the country. Perhaps most importantly we’ll be celebrating Maundy Thursday with a bright green brew, if that sounds like nonsense you seriously need to read on!


Brno Festival of Flavours

While not a beer only event, these two days will be well worth it. If you’ve never been, consider attending just for a proper look around the architecture of Brno’s exhibition center, which will be full of excellent foods, wines, and, most importantly, beers. The microbreweries are set to steal the show, over 50 will attend, and have their own exhibition space.

March 1st-3rd

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Blind Beer Tasting

Held every Friday at our favourite Ale Bar!, this event is one of our very own. The lineup is decided by whatever’s fresh on tap that week, and a guided beer tasting will be given to help identify the flavours and aromas typical to the beers on offer. Come along to see if you can taste what’s what in the world of beer.

Fridays at 5pm, or by arrangement

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American Hops with Mozaika

Although it will be primarily in Czech, the quality of this event can be attested to by the fact that after the first round was fully booked they’ve arranged a second! An in depth lecture on American hop varieties will be free, followed by the possibility to try 7 beers with their hop selection alongside. Beers work in every language, so even if your Czech isn’t top notch consider coming along!

March 13th, 6pm

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PB Fest

No, it’s not a peanut butter festival, though we would definitely go if it was. The upcoming Prague Beer Festival is opening for its first year, and is one among many the capital now plays host to. This two day event will showcase brews from 30 breweries and award winning barbeque. One day admission for 150kc could be worth it just to check out the intriguing location, the roof terrace of the historic Kotva shopping center.

March 23rd and 24th

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Malá Strana Beer Tasting Tour

We can hope for some beautiful Spring days coming soon, and what better way to enjoy one than hopping around the fine establishments of this beautiful neighbourhood. Join us on our travelling tasting, and discover a different, and far tastier, Malá Strana to the one you might know. We try 5 great beers at two pubs and a microbrewery, and even cover some history on the way!

Saturdays at 3:30

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Big Band at Únětice

You can always trust Únětice brewery for straightforward, fun events, and March is no exception. Their barn will play host to a 50 member big band visiting from Denmark. Details are scarce at the moment, but it’s Únětice, so you can bet there will be lots of good food, a family friendly program, and great beer.

March 25th, 4:30pm

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Tabor Beer Festival

For the relatively small town of Tabor, this festival is a surprisingly large affair. For four days it will play host to over 20 breweries both from the Czech Republic and further afield, a contest awarding prizes in four categories, and a lively program of live music (stop by Wednesday night for a Beatles cover band who’ve played for the queen!). Tickets are for daily admission and cost from 160 to 200kc.

March 28th - 31st

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Zelený Ctvrtek with Starobrno

Zelený čtvrtek is coming, and that means green beer! For those of you who didn’t read the (excellent) description of this tradition we posted last year, zelený čtvrtek is Maundy Thursday, a lesser known Easter celebration. For fairly obscure reasons the day calls for greenness, and Starobrno traditionally obliges with a herbal, and very green, beer. If you can’t make it to Brno, this list will guide you to your nearest green brew.

March 29th

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