Beer Events - August Upcoming Beer Events & Festivals in the Czech Republic for August 2017

Summer’s in full swing and the August heat is now upon us. For those who aren’t escaping to a crowded coast, the best, easiest, and most affordable way to beat the heat is with a cold beer or two in hand. Events are starting to pick up as we move closer to September’s annual beer festivals. Most events for August are in the villages of the Czech countryside, so this a golden opportunity to experience a new village’s choice beverage and ambiance.

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Litomyšlský Pivní Festiválek

The beautiful town of Litomyšl will host a beer festival with free admission. The local microbrewery Veselka organizes the event, so you’ll be able to try 11 and 12° light lagers, an 11° amber lager, as well as a few beers specially brewed for this event.

August 5th, 10 a.m- 10 p.m.


Memoriál Vladimíra Černohorského

Černokostelecký Brewery hosts a relay race, designed for teams of 4, in which each team runs to 3 different breweries: Pivovar Dolní Počernice, Pivovar Kolčavka, and Únětice Pivovar. It says that a bike escort is allowed. Beer drinking at each stop is most probably mandatory. Be ready at 9, the race starts at 10.

August 5th, 10-15.00


Slavnosti Pivovaru

Uherský Brod Brewery hosts their own beer festival, with live music, food, and a chance to explore parts of a scenic park and their brewery. Tickets bought in advance are 190 czk and 250 on the spot.  

August 5th, starting at 15.00


21st International Berlin Beer Festival

Berlin’s 21st annual Beer Festival takes over Karl-Marx-Allee between Strausberger Platz and Frankfurter Tor. Breweries from all over the world participate, equaling 2.2 km. of beer booths to sample. Admission is free. They’ll be food and 19 stages of live music. This year, special attention will be paid to two breweries from North Rhine-Westfalia, Ernst Barre and Erzquell Brewery Bielstein, who have brewed special beers for the occasion.

August 4-6th


Mikulovské Pivobraní

A picturesque town in Moravia, Mikulov is well known for it’s wines, but not beers. This year they’ll host their 7th annual beer festival with supposedly over 80 different kinds of beer. Complete with live music and a kids zone, it sounds like a huge event. Their website asked the question, ‘What will this festival offer? (Co festival nabídne?)’ and answers ‘Beer, Women, and Voice! (PIVO, ŽENY A ZPĚV!)’. One does wonder.

August 11 & 12th

Krkonošské Pivní Slavnosti

Held in Vrchlabí, major breweries as well as local microbreweries (like Hendrych, good stuff!) will participate in this year’s annual festival. Entry costs 120 czk, and of course you’ll have all sorts of music, kids activities, and food.

August 12th


Slavnosti Pivovaru Chodovar

Pivovar Chodovar, the forerunning of beer spas, hosts their annual Beer Festival on their brewery grounds. There’re all sorts of events and live music, including a knight contest, as well as a barrel rolling race. The Chodovar Express, a train of fun and beer, will also be operating in the directions of Plzen and Karlovy Vary. Start time is 10 a.m and entrance for the whole day costs 100 czk.

August 19th


Česko-Bavorské Slavnosti Piva

To celebrate the Czech Bavarian beer connection, the small area of Mount Haj on the very Western Czech-German border host this event. Not much info is out there, but it could be a great chance to sample beers from across the border while enjoying a good view. Entry is free.

August 19th, starting at 13.30.

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