Currently on tap at Zubaty Pes

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Currently on tap at Zubaty Pes is a large variety of excellent Czech and international beers. Here’s a quick list-

  • Nøgne- Tiger Triple, 21°, 9%
  • Nøgne- #100, 23.5°, 10% 80 IBU
  • Thornbridge- IPA Jairpur, 14°, 5.9%
  • Thornbridge- Chiron 12°, 5.0%
  • Thornbridge- St.Petersburg Imperial Russian Stout, 18°, 7.7%
  • Pod Dzbansky Pivovar Mutejovice- 13° polotmavy (amber) lager
  • Kocour- Quarterback, 19° IPA
  • Kocour- Sumacek
  • Opat- Kvasnicak Pepr, 12°
  • Matuska- Psenicne (wheat beer) 13°
  • Mad Apple Cesky Cider- 6%
  • Tambor- unfiltered Svetly (light) lager, 11°
  • Uneticky- unfiltered Svetly (light) lager, 12°
  • Uneticky- filtered Svetly (light) lager, 10°

We particularly enjoyed Nøgne’s Tiger Triple, an unusual and rich ale, as well as Thornbridge’s Jaipur. As always, Kocour’s Quarterback and Sumacek are great for fans of Czech ales. If you haven’t visited Zubaty Pes, we really recommend giving it a try- they always have something new, and the taps are in fantastic shape- no bad beers are served here!

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