Beer Spas in the Czech Republic

We’re now in the heart of winter, a time to retreat inside and enjoy good beer in good company.

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Undoubtedly kings of combining beer drinking with every activity possible, the Czech Republic is pioneering a burgeoning and popular Beer Spa culture, and the cold of winter is an opportune time to experience one of this country newest leisure activities- Beer Spas. Good for your skin, mood, and thirst, Czech beer spas are a unique way to see more of the Czech Republic and experience another part of Czech culture.

A few notes about what a Beer Spa is- most of these places include a beer spa, offering different sorts of procedures having to do with beer, within a hotel that in some cases is either connected to or affiliated with a brewery. Typically, you can usually purchase a package that includes accommodation, a few treatments, and a meal or two in the hotel restaurant, but every spa will have something different. Normally, one treatment is a beer bath- which is warm bathtub full of a mixture of water, beer, and beer products, either for an individual or two, lasting about 20 minutes, plus a beer each.

Other treatments include massages or hot packs with barley and hops. Some beer spas organize tours with the local brewery, and sometimes only in Czech or German. There’s usually a restaurant connected to the hotel, where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sometimes these are included in the price.

Czech Beer Spas

Beer Spa Bernard Prague

Prague, Týn 10 in the courtyard Ungelt courtyard. Bernard Pivovar has their own beer spa located inside the Ungelt Courtyard in Staré Město, Prague. There are a variety of packages to choose from, some include accommodation, and all offers include unlimited drinks.

Chodovar Beer Spa

Czech Republic’s most famous beer spa, and one we’ve visited and enjoyed. Located in Chodová Planá, which is close to Mariánské Lázně, our article contains all the info you need to plan your trip.

Pivní lázně Rožnov

This spa is operated in conjunction with Rožnovský Pivovar, located in the region of Beskydy in the town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

Pivní Lázně Ostrava

Located in Zámek Zábřeh Ostrava, this beer spa is operated in conjunction with Pikard Pivovar, in the eastern city of Ostrava.

Pivní Lázně Štramberk

In the small town of Štramberk, in the Moravia-Silesia region of the Czech Republic, is Pivní Lázně Štramberk.

Pivní Lázně Praha

On Masná street in Staré Město, is BBB Pivní Lázně Praha.

Pivní Lázně BBB Tábor

Located in southern Bohemia in the town of Tábor, this beer spa is operated by Pivní Lázně BBB, which also operates a spa in Bahenec and Prague.

Pivní Lázně Bahenec

Located in the region of Beskydy, in the town of Písek u Jablunkova in the very eastern edge of the Czech Republic, this spa is operated by Pivní Lázně BBB, a company operating a few other beer spas through the country.

Brans Mountain Hotel

In the north-eastern Jeseník mountains, a popular ski area, Hotel Brans includes a beer spa operated by Pivní Lázně BBB.

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