Prague’s Best Places for Beer and Sun

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Finally, now that the sun has decided to show its much awaited face, Prague’s beer gardens will open and fill with eager drinkers. As all beer lovers living in Prague know, nothing is better than that first out door beer. So, we made a list of our favorite Prague beer gardens in parks for when the sun is shining.

Beer gardens in Prague

Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

Located between Žižkov and Vinohrady, this beer garden shows sports on wide screens and gets loud and crowded with anyone and everyone during nice weather. They serve Pilsner, Gamrbinus, and Kozel.

Letná Beer Garden

Perhaps the best view of Prague, this scenic beer garden is located within a nice park and has roller blading lanes. They serve Gambrinus.

Parukářka Beer Garden

Looking out over Žižkov and Vitkov hill, this beer garden has a nice view, put not too many tables, so bringing a blanket isn’t a bad idea. They serve both Pilsner and Gambrinus.

Hospudka Na Hradbach

Within in the Vyšehrad castle walls, this gravel area has benches and serves some nice Balkan BBQ over a nice view of Prague. On tap, they serve Pilsner, Kozel, and Gambrinus.

Zahrádky Žižkov

Not too far from Biskupcova and Ohrada, is Zahrádky Žižkov, serving Staropramen in a nice green area with benches and grilled food.

Letní Zahrádka Pražan

Serving Únětice in Stromovka, one of Prague’s most historic and beautiful parks, this shaded beer garden is a welcome stop at the beginning or end of a nice afternoon.

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