Beer Events - June 2018 Upcoming Czech Beer-y and Boozy Events & Festivals

Summer’s almost here, and with it comes a whiff of fresh malty and hoppy goodness in the air. This June, the capital city will be overrun with beer-filled events; while the rest of the country is preparing their own parties. Below you’ll find local beer festivals in Prague, as well as Brno, Pilsen and Jihlava for a chance to escape the hordes.

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Start building up your tolerance and cleansing your livers now (if somebody knows a way to do these simultaneously, please share!), the first few weekends of June are inundated with events before the rest of the month falls into a sleepy beer-related coma.


Žižkov’s Beer Festival

One June 1st and 2nd, Parukářka Park in Žižkov will turn into what the rest of Žižkov usually is: a beer festival. With over 40 microbreweries, sweeping views, live music, a bouncy castle (technically for the kids, but…) and a typical relaxed Žižkov attitude, this festival is one our favourites in the city.

June 1st & 2nd

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Pilsen: a city known for beer around the world holds Brewstock…you can see where this is going. With a number of microbreweries from Czech, as well as a few from Poland and Hungary, live music and street food to soak up some of the beer, which will be flowing as fast as the five rivers in this city built on beer.

June 8th & 9th

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Malá Strana Beer Tasting Tour

Spring and summer are best enjoyed with a crisp beer and a pub with a nice atmosphere. Join us on a jaunt through one of Prague’s most beautiful districts as we explore the world of Czech ales and lagers. We’ll be visiting two unique pubs and a top-rated microbrewery while we learn about brewing traditions, beer culture and a bit of the history of the world’s favourite tipple.

Saturdays at 3:30pm

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Jihlava Festival of Microbreweries

The 8th annual Jihlava Festival of Microbreweries, held in Heuvos Park, is an excellent way to escape the crowds of Prague and experience some of the real life this country offers, and it’s only a short bus ride away! This festival is a match made in hell of a beer festival and woodcutting competition. Expect live music, handcrafted beer, scattered limbs and beer-related bric-a-brac.

June 9th & 10

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Prague Vineyards

The first thing you think of when you hear the word Prague is probably not “wine!”. For two days that may change, as some of our city’s vineyards open up their rows and views to us while we hear about the long history of viticulture in the city. Prague Vineyards gives us an excuse to have a mid-day wine, views and explore either central, or central-ish parts, of the city that are otherwise sadly forgotten.

June 9th & 10th

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Řečkovice Festival of Mini-breweries

Located on the grounds of the old brewery in Řečkovice, Brno, this beer festival hosts a number of small breweries and international favourites, refreshments, live music and a very nice atmosphere.

June 9th & 10th

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Festival of Microbreweries at the Prague Castle

With about 70 Czech microbreweries pouring more than 140 beers in the gardens of the Prague Castle, this may well be one of Prague’s biggest beer festivals. This is an excellent chance to taste some beers made in the small corners of the country that you’d otherwise be hard pressed to find. This year you can expect guest beer from Austria, and possibly a drunk president – though that’s nothing new here.

June 15th & 16th

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Beer at Náplavka

Happening at the same time as the festival of Microbreweries at the Prague Castle, you’re in for a busy weekend! Nearly 50 microbreweries and at least 150 beers give us the (liquid) courage to keep tasting more at this excellent little festival set alongside the river. Expect no plastic cups here, live music and beer from big names in the microbrewery scene next to esoteric little nanobreweries; there’s something for everyone at this event.

June 15th & 16th

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Cider Festival

In case the other festivals happening this weekend weren’t enough, this one surely should give you your fix. A short ferry ride across the river from the Beer at Náplavka festival is a celebration of ciders of all shapes and sizes, with music and food to compliment. This weekend may well put the country into an alcohol induced coma, but at least it will have been a fun one!
Bonus pro tip: you can take the ferry from the Beer at Naplavka festival to get to the cider festival without moving a muscle – after all of this hard drinking in the sun, a quick rest on a boat is just what we need.

June 15th-17th

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Blind Beer Tasting

Put your tongue on trial as we work through 8 unknown local microbrews in our guided Blind Beer Tasting. We’ll help you along the way, as you taste and try to figure out which is which with some of the fresh and seasonal offerings from draft and bottle at the always-excellent Ale Bar!

Fridays at 5pm, or by arrangement

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