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Wild Things Vol. I

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On Saturday, March 25th doors open at 14:00 for a little celebration of deviant fermentation.

We’ve invited some of our favorite talents in the world of wild beer and planned a pleasant afternoon showcasing some of the more unconventional things our favorite little creatures can do.

Here’s what’s going on:

  • Many Worlds will be releasing 2 new bottles plus we’ll have a keg of theirs on tap.
  • David Hoffman (avid homebrewer) will discuss what makes his beers unique- a focus on nonconventional and spontaneous fermentation.
  • On tap we’ll have a more adult version of Märzen de Coupage (debuted at Oktoberfest last year) and Mild Wild, brewed by Janek of Lajka.
  • We’ll also be pouring some wild beers we’ve stashed away for this special occasion.
    And food! Ze Mě will be making some of their world-class pizza pies.

All are welcome and entrance is FREE! Please bring cash as this is what some vendors only will accept.

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