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Tábor’s 24th annual Beer Festival

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Tábor’s 24th annual Beer Festival is from 12.2-15.2 at Hotel Palcát. 128 breweries will be participating, including: Zemský Pivovar, Klášterní Pivovar Strahov, Falkon, as well as many German and Hungarian breweries, and a few from Ireland and the U.K. BeerGeek will also be presenting beers from Mikkeller and Brew Dog, as well as a few other well known foreign breweries. Professionals will be awarded some prestigious beer awards such as ‘Česká Pivní Pečeť’. Tickets cost 150 czk and there is a limited supply, which can be bought in advance from January 20th, and from what we can tell, only at Tábor’s Infocenter.

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