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Stout Sundae Sunday

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Join us for a Sunday where three of the best things in life (ice cream, stouts, and desserts) come together to make something spectacular- ice cream stout sundaes. How do our sundaes work? Choose your dessert. We’ll have 4 or 5 decadent American style desserts to choose from. We add a scoop of Creme de la Creme’s vanilla. We top the sundae with your selection of stout. We’ll have a selection of top class stouts for you to choose from, including draft and bottle. Stay tuned for which stouts you can choose from. Doors open at 14:00 and we finish at 18:00. This is a family affair! We’ll have kids sundaes too. Please mention in your reservation how many kiddo sundaes you would like. Sundaes are limited, so reserve your spot here. Pricing: The price depends on what beer you’ll choose and what dessert, but most sundaes should be around 250 CZK, with a stout.

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