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Pivo na Náplavce 2015

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The lively riverbank along the Vltava called Náplavka, under Rašínovo Nábřeží, is home to one of Prague’s best farmer’s markets and beer festivals. Beginning on June 19th and 20th, Náplavka’s Pivo Na Náplavce has live bands and music, tons of food, and of coarse a long list of breweries.

The participating list so far looks good- Clock, Falkon, Zemský, Břevnovský Klášter, plus many more. In the past, you had to buy one of their glasses for a small fee. All stands also sell beer in plastic cups. They always brew a special beer for this event. Pivo Na Náplavce starts on Friday June 19th at 14, finishing at 21, and is open on Saturday from 10-21.

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