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Czech Beer Festival Prague 2014

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The Czech Beer Festival starts on May 15th and lasts 17 days till May 31. A few things are new to this years festival. First, it will be held in Letná, specifically Letenské Sady. The payment system will no longer consist of thalers, but you’ll get a ‘Beer Card’ which you add money to.

Entrance is free every weekday till 2 p.m, and after 2 as well as on Saturdays and Sundays, 90 czk is charged. This fee also includes 1 thaler, worth 45 czk (which sounds a bit confusing, since thalers have been replaced with beer cards). Over 70 breweries will participate, and according to their official webpage, quite a few good ones.

Of course there should be food, and this year live bands will be playing as part of the Rock’n’Beer fest, which includes 56 bands, but we’re not sure who these bands are. You can also reserve a table through their webpage.

In the past, this has been Prague’s answer to Munich’s famous festival, and has attracted large crowds, varying from locals to tourists to stag parties, of all different shapes and sizes. Depending on expectations, it can be enjoyable for some, or a giant headache for others.

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