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Czech Beer Festival 2015

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Lasting 17 days, this festival is from May 7- 23. This is Prague’s answer to Munich’s Oktoberfest. Huge beer tents have a capacity for 4000 people. In the main tents, Krusovice’s 10 and 12 degree lagers will be on tap. They say this is a specially brewed beer for the event, but even so, we can’t imagine this beer being anything more than a functional, at best sufficing beverage.

Thankfully there is a ‘beer nerd’ tent, with good breweries like Rukodělný Pivovárek Třebonice, Valášek, Nomád, and Břevnovského Klášter. Entrance only costs 99 czk this year and is valid for all 17 days. Payment for beers is through a ‘personal festival card’, and this year the festival is once again on Letenská Pláň.

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