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During the holidays, if you find yourself stressed, or at an unbearable Christmas party, Santa’s Little Helper is just what you need. At 10.9% alcohol, this almost liquor like Belgian dark ale from Mikkeller will undoubtedly put you in a holiday haze, be it for the worse or better.

Beginning with an intoxicating, sweet, and unique aroma which combines coffee, licorice, raisins, vanilla, and brown syrup. Immediately you recognize by the way the beer sits in its glass, the thick foam, and the dark chocolate brown color, that this beer is heavy and thick. The texture is velvety and heavy, sitting firming in your mouth.

At first, your tongue detects a sweet taste of fermented fruit, with a touch of licorice. Immediately, this sweetness is overcome by the strong vodka burn that cuts into the back of your throat. There is also an unusual saltiness to this beer, which helps to intensify the sharp taste of vodka.

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