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Ostrostřelec Polotmavý Special

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Whatever is going on in the village of Třebonice, is fantastic! Mr.Staněk keeps turning out barrel upon barrel (yes, this is micro operation) of well crafted, unique, and simply delicious ales and lagers.

Ostrostřelec Polotmavý Special is no exception. With a rich, dark, reddish amber color, this 13° lager has a creamy, lightly tanned foam that has an exceptionally thick consistency. What sets this completely unusual polotmavý (amber lager) apart from other Czech polotmavý lagers is the overall bitterness and lack of sweetness, which we found to be completely refreshing and nicely done. Only in the very beginning will you detect a sweeter taste of malt. Consistently throughout this ale, you’ll taste a distinct hoppy bitterness, much more than your average amber lager. There is a long, enjoyable aftertaste. The texture is grainy, and not smooth, which adds another dimension and works well with the bitterness. There is a distinct smokey aroma, and the aroma is a bit sweeter too than what your tongue will experience. It ends with an ashen smokiness.

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