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Mikkeller 1000 IBU Light

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Mikkeller does some crazy stuff, and some turns out well, and others not. According to many a beer drinker, this 1000 IBU light rocks. But not for us. At 17°, it’s quite surprising that this American Double/Imperial ale is only 4.9% alcohol. With a floral smell of hops and fresh pine, the aroma is fantastic, and deceptive…having all the rich smells of a decent ale, you expect something well balanced and complex.

When this ale first hits your tongue, you think, ok, not so bad- there is a hint of diversity in its taste, but as you swallow, and the longer this is in your mouth, the more intense the hops become, and overrule any hope of another flavor. These spicy hops even progress to the point of burning your taste buds off, and at the end give way to a sourness. Not one of our favorite Mikkeller beers.

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