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This most unusual and strong 15° lager from Valašský pivovar v Kozlovicích begins with a strong, unique aroma. Your nose will notice a sweet, heavy smell of fermented fruit, honey, with a creamy, almost cola like twist. At your first sip, there is the sweet but brief taste of fermented fruit which is quickly covered up by the distinct flavors of caramel and cola, with a heavy smokey taste. This lager has a rich, buttery texture, making it creamy and even more enjoyable to drink. Finishing with a dry, extremely bitter, hopy finish, there is a strong aftertaste. This is completely amazing and unique beer- if you get the chance, be sure to try it!

Valašský pivovar v Kozlovicích is located in the small town of Kozlovice, in the eastern region of Beskydy, close to the Slovak border.

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