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This 15° Scottish Ale from Kocour is a unique combination of a rich ale and smooth whiskey. In the spirit of international beer, Kocour co-operated with Ken Duncan, the head brewer of Inveralmond brewery in Scotland, who created this recipe especially for the Varnsdorf brewery.

Ken has a dark amber color, and a heavy aroma of caramel, mixed with the floral smell of hops. This robust ale has a rich, fruity body with a sweeter taste of honey, but at the same time an unusual, bready sourness. This quickly is overcome by a strong, mildly burning taste of whiskey, leaving the sharpness of alcohol on your breath as you swallow. Creating a nice sharp, bitter bite, the small bubbles also add weight to the heavy texture of this beer, which nicely sits on your tongue. Using English Goldings hops and brewer’s yeast, this is well balanced and full of flavor.

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