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Galerie Piva

On the lower part of Krymská, deeper into Vrsovice, you’ll find Galerie Piva, a one room shop and pub which focuses on Czech craft beer.


Choice has successfully become the key element of today’s most popular pubs, with atmosphere a close second. Prague’s multi-tap pubs are upping the atmosphere game, and...

20 PIP Craft Pub

Just off the bustling and pub plentiful Náměstí Míru square is 20 Pip Craft Beer Bar. Stylish, modern, and decorated with kitschy beer paintings and cozy colors, 20 Pip offers...

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlin’s Diego Pivní Bar has 7 taps of great beer, in a hood that’s becoming one of Prague’s best for drinking and dining.

Pivnice Ferdinand

On a quiet, lesser known street on the border of Vinohrady and Vršovice, a charming neighborhood pub serves fresh beer from Ferdinand to thirsty locals.


Sluneční Terasa T-Anker

On top of Kotva, a left behind relic of Prague's Communist past, is Sluneční Terasa T-Anker, a restaurant that has two things anyone who's looking for a good time in Prague...

Dno Pytle

Relocated from their Kateřinská location and newly opened on Vinohradská, Dno Pytle’s 8 taps serve some of the best beer Bavaria and Franconia have to offer, alongside a...

Krkonošska Hospůdka

Capturing the atmosphere of the Krkonoše mountains, Krkonošska Hospůdka is a brilliant taste of Czech mountain culture among the busy streets of Prague 6.

Illegal Beer Bar

Tucked away on a darker street in Prague 1, Illegal Beer Bar manages to capture the allure of drinking during the days of prohibition Czech style.

Beer Geek Bar

After running a successful specialty beer shop with 4 taps, Beer Geek has decided to expand to a 30 tap, full-sized pub. Located on Vinohradská just by Jiřího z Poděbrad, the...

U Kurelů

Spanning an expansive, beautiful corner pub in Žižkov, U Kurelů brings American BBQ to Prague with enthusiasm and gusto. Operated by the owners of The Tavern, who helped bring...

Hostinec U Vodoucha

Homey and cozy, U Vodoucha's main appeal is its quaint old Czech style, and of course the beer. 9 taps run here, rotating a steady stream of Czech beers.

Black Dog Cantina

From the first smell of fresh beef and a quick glance inside, this jammed packed little pub seemed promising. Beroun would not be the place one would expect to find a finely tuned...


A real Czech style pub, Napalmě has what counts- fine fresh, beer, with a selection from the best breweries, changing almost daily. Some of the newest quality brewers to the Czech...

Peter's Burger Pub

The classic combination of burgers and beer is reaching new levels in Prague as more burger joints realize that customers expect something more than the average lager to wash their...

U Slovanské Lípy

With a reputation for serving consistent, quality lager, there is one pub that has become unanimous with Žižkov beer culture- U Slovanské Lípy.

Nota Bene

Finally, the best of Czech beer meets fine dining in central Prague. Standing out among Prague restaurants with its upbeat modern atmosphere, fine fresh cuisine, and some of the...

První Pivní Tramway

At the end of tram 11, you’ll find an unusual little pub which has made Czech beer history.

Kulovy Blesk

Combining the best Czech beers, crisp and clean taps, and charming Czech atmosphere, Kulovy Blesk is one of the best places in Prague to try Czech beers.

Zlý Časy

With more than 40 beers on tap, three floors, and an up-beat but still traditional Czech pub atmosphere, Zlý Časy is the perfect place to try some fantastic Czech beer.

Pivovarský Klub

Pivovarský Klub is a great place to explore a wide variety of Czech and foreign beers.