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Soma Bar

Few pubs have a happy hour in Prague, no doubt because the price of beer gives one an eternal happy hour. But Soma takes happy hour to another level- Kločavka's small 11°...

Valašská pivnice

Along the steep climb from the base of Mala Strana to Strahov Monastery, you’ll find Valašská Pivnice, a pleasant place for a beer and a taste of Moravian Wallachia.

Pivnice Ferdinand

On a quiet, lesser known street on the border of Vinohrady and Vršovice, a charming neighborhood pub serves fresh beer from Ferdinand to thirsty locals.

Dno Pytle

Relocated from their Kateřinská location and newly opened on Vinohradská, Dno Pytle’s 8 taps serve some of the best beer Bavaria and Franconia have to offer, alongside a...


Maso a Kobliha

Maso a Kobliha somehow manages to combine English cuisine, Czech beer, and the art of raising and butchering quality meat into a stylish and fun pub. Chef Paul Day adds a creative...


A real Czech style pub, Napalmě has what counts- fine fresh, beer, with a selection from the best breweries, changing almost daily. Some of the newest quality brewers to the Czech...

Peter's Burger Pub

The classic combination of burgers and beer is reaching new levels in Prague as more burger joints realize that customers expect something more than the average lager to wash their...

Rukodělný Pivovárek Třebonice

On a sunny September afternoon at Slunce ve Skle in 2011, one of the Czech Republic’s premier micro-brewery festivals, our taste buds first noticed Rukodělný Pivovárek...

První Pivní Tramway

At the end of tram 11, you’ll find an unusual little pub which has made Czech beer history.

U Sadu

U Sadu is a bar and restaurant located right by the TV tower, only a few minutes walk from Jiriho z Podebrad metro station.