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Fat Cat

Snazzy decor, colorful furniture, and an upbeat vibe make Fat Cat a cool place to hang out and drink expensive beers in Prague’s Old Town.

U Dobřenských

As the microbrewery boom continues to bring better and more diverse beers to the mugs of us drinking in the Czech Republic, U Dobřenských’s herbal ales are a unique and...

Sluneční Terasa T-Anker

On top of Kotva, a left behind relic of Prague's Communist past, is Sluneční Terasa T-Anker, a restaurant that has two things anyone who's looking for a good time in Prague...

Bernard Beer Spa in Prague

Beer spa treatments are a Czech speciality, leaving your skin soft and smooth, while refreshing your mind and quenching your thirst. Brewing quality Czech beer since 1991, Bernard...

Naše Maso

The art of butchery is having a revival in today's Prague. Czechs have always been enthusiastic consumers of meat, but today the expansion in terms of choice and quality is making...


Pražský Most u Valšů

Conveniently located just behind the Charles Bridge, Pražský Most u Valšů is a microbrewery and restaurant serving their own light and dark lagers, plus a ‘řezané pivo’...

U Tří Růží

On Husova street in the heart of Prague's old town, is Pivovar U Tří Růží, one of the newest microbreweries on the steadily progressive Czech beer scene.

Lokal (Dlouha)

One of the most important factors of making Czech cuisine and beer good is simplicity- and Lokal has that down perfectly.