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Divoké Matky

As any parent knows, beer, second to coffee, is a must for survival. In most countries there is a firm line between kids and beer. But in the Czech Republic, beer, pubs, breweries,...

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlin’s Diego Pivní Bar has 7 taps of great beer, in a hood that’s becoming one of Prague’s best for drinking and dining.

Cafe Frida

Located on Karlínské Náměstí, Cafe Frida is another of the many delightful surprises popping up in the increasingly trendy neighborhood of Karlín. Serving fresh Únětické...

Peter's Burger Pub

The classic combination of burgers and beer is reaching new levels in Prague as more burger joints realize that customers expect something more than the average lager to wash their...

Pivovarský Klub

Pivovarský Klub is a great place to explore a wide variety of Czech and foreign beers.