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Fat Cat

Snazzy decor, colorful furniture, and an upbeat vibe make Fat Cat a cool place to hang out and drink expensive beers in Prague’s Old Town.

Vinohradský Burger Bar

Shiny and new, with the cozy charm of a neighborhood American Burger bar, Vinohradský Burger Bar serves decent burgers with even better beers from Pivovar Uhříněves on tap.

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlin’s Diego Pivní Bar has 7 taps of great beer, in a hood that’s becoming one of Prague’s best for drinking and dining.


As trends go, Prague has been hit with the newest wave from the west...hot dogs. Letná’s Mr.Hotdog gives guests a taste of some serious dogs with one of Prague’s best...

Bad Jeff’s BBQ

While burgers, perhaps the most quintessential American item of cuisine, have invaded Prague eateries with much success, BBQ has remained an under-appreciated genre of food that...


Mozaika Burger & Co

Mozaika has it right on two competitive fronts- they've got some of the consistently best Czech beer on tap along side gourmet burgers. In case you haven't noticed, Prague's burger...

Bejzment Burger Bar

An authentic taste of Americana, Bejzment's burgers fit the ideal of this iconic beef-between-a-bun that has become all the rage in Prague’s restaurants and pubs.

Black Dog Cantina

From the first smell of fresh beef and a quick glance inside, this jammed packed little pub seemed promising. Beroun would not be the place one would expect to find a finely tuned...

Peter's Burger Pub

The classic combination of burgers and beer is reaching new levels in Prague as more burger joints realize that customers expect something more than the average lager to wash their...


As the burger trend enveloping Prague continues to grow and bring more authentic burgers to our tables, Mood is exactly that- one of the most authentic restaurants to visit for a...

Dish Fine Burger Bistro

As the surge of interest in burgers continues to transform restaurants, Dish Fine Burger and Bistro adds another dimension Prague’s ever improving burger scene.

The Tavern

Serving some of Prague's best burgers and American style ales from Pivovar Nomad, The Tavern is an exciting eatery that reminds us of what good stuff can come from across the...