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U Slovanské Lípy

With a reputation for serving consistent, quality lager, there is one pub that has become unanimous with Žižkov beer culture- U Slovanské Lípy.

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Newly remodeled, this legendary Žižkov pub still keeps its thirsty, traditional Czech heart, but with a nicer finish. Thankfully, the beloved Kout na Šumavě that made this pub famous is still here, along with 8 other taps, all serving fresh beer from the best of Czech breweries.

Rotating between breweries such as Matuška, Kocour, Permon, Břevnov, these technologically advanced taps faithfully deliver fresh beer. Pleasantly decorated in early-20th century fashion with dark wooden walls and tables, dried hops hanging from ceiling, and hand-stamped wall paper, there’s a unique charm that this pub genuinely achieves. You can follow the neighborhood’s development throughout the years with the historic pictures of old Žižkov framed on the walls.

Keeping with their reputation for affordability, the new menu serves up a variety of beer inspired Czech cuisine, like kuřecí řizek (chicken schnitzel), vepřové krkovička (pork neck), all cooked well. Fresh jars of nakládaný hermelín (pickled camembert cheese), zavináč (pickled fish in oil and vinegar), utopenec (pickled sausage in oil and vinegar), and škvarky v sádlu (rendered pork fat with bits of bacon) line a cupboard.

Once in the door, there’s a foyer for those downing a quick mug or smoking. The main room is non-smoking, and there’s also a second room in the back for smokers. These wooden tables fill up quickly, so reservations are recommended. Sometimes slowed from the high demand of customers, service is friendly, but you might occasionally see the bottom of your glass.

Few authentic pubs ever make changes for the better- but U Slovanské Lípy has managed to keep its heart, and become more accessible at the same time. Instead of being a home away from home for the same old men, drowning their complaints and dissatisfaction with life in endless mugs of Kout, you’ll notice a more diverse, lively crowd. Open everyday from 11-24, U Slovanské Lípy is located on Tachovské Náměstí. Take bus 133, 207, or 175 to the stop Tachovské Náměstí, or take the 9 or 26 tram and walk down the hill from Lipanská tram stop.

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Beers on Tap

Beer name Strength Brewery Style
Koutský Kvasnicový Světlý Ležák 12° Kout na Šumavě Lager
Kocour Sumeček 11° Kocour Ale
Ferdinand Sedm kulí 13° Ferdinand Lager
Zlatá Labuť Světlý Ležák 11° Zlatá labuť Lager
Permon IPA 14° Permon Ale
Permon Pale Ale 12° Permon Ale
Nová Paka Kumburák 12° Novopacké Pivovar Lager
Podkrkonošsky Speciál Tmavý Novopacké Pivovar Lager
Černá Hora Sklepní 10° Černá Hora Lager
These are some of the different beers that U Slovanské Lípy had on tap on our visit.

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