Our 5 Favorites for Cooling Down

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Keeping hydrated is key, and those 12° lagers and heavy ales, in our opinion, just aren’t refreshing enough. A crisp, lighter 10° or 11° lager or Hefe-Weizen is just what you need. Here’s our list of favorites-

Clock's Hector 10°
Light and refreshing, this 10° lager has a shocking amount of flavor and low alcohol content. Our current favorite beer for this weather, we’ve got a stocked fridge.

Vinohradský 11°
Unfiltered, this lager has a slightly sweeter, malty body while being completely refreshing. One of our new favorite lagers.

Primátor Weizen
Everyone loves a wheat beer in the summer. This excellent Hefe-Weizen from Pivovar Náchod has a clove aroma and a slightly more sour and banana touch to its unfiltered body. Not overpowering in the least or exceptionally fruity, this award winning beer hits the spot.

Únětický 10°
The less alcoholic sister lager from Únětický pivovar, it’s slightly more drinkable and doesn’t leave you with a woozy headache after your third mug. It still has the unique bitterness and crispness that makes Únětický pivovar one of the best breweries for lagers in the Czech Republic.

Clock’s Trudi 8°
Another refreshing, super light ‘lunch time’ beer from Pivovar Clock, we were pleasantly surprised by Trudi at a festival this spring. Good for getting those B vitamins and quenching your thirst in long term drinking occasions. Malty, with a hint of citrus, there’s a lot of flavor in this session lager.

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