Beer Events - November Upcoming Beer Events & Festivals in the Czech Republic for November 2017

November is here, with all the signs of Winter creeping ever closer, but bare trees and darkening days are no reason not to celebrate the great beer this country has to offer.

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This month our events are spread out across the Czech Republic, and include everything from a conference to a birthday party!

We strongly recommend fighting off your hibernation instinct and checking out some of these goings-on, while enjoying the chance to see a few of the wonderful, though lesser known, towns of the Czech Republic.


Dogma Brewery - Meet the Brewer

Though it’s our only event in Prague this month, ALE bar are bringing a taste from further afield in the form of Vladimír Stojkovič, head brewer at Belgrade based Dogma Brewery. Dogma’s beers (which include a quince ale and milk stout) will also be on offer at the event.

November 4th, 8pm onwards

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Podbrdské Beer Show

This weekend long event looks to be packed with everything a beer aficionado could want! There will of course be tastings of the local wares, at the very reasonable price of 200kc for 12+ samples, but in addition look forward to tasting contests, film screenings, a specially designed menu, and live music!

November 3rd-6th

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Moravian Homebrewers Meeting

The 5th annual meeting of the Moravian homebrewers is open to anyone who homebrews, or has a real interest in beer! Meeting is in fact slightly misleading, as this event will be very much a competition! Homebrewers from across the country will be submitting samples for judgement, with a variety of prizes for the winning brews.

November 4th

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Černokostelecká 12

For reasons that are entirely unclear, the Černý Kostelec brewery holds an annual autumn beer run. The route is 12km, and presumably followed by quite a large about of making merry! Whether or not you’re in a state to run, this is a great opportunity to check out a brewery with a whole lot of history, including its own museum!

November 12th, 1:30pm onwards

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Únětice Christmas Special

This cosy event is promised by the fireplace at the Únětice brewery just outside of Prague. While it might seem a little early they produce a special Christmas beer each year, and celebrate its release. The program is packed full of kids workshops and stories, with a quiz, contests, and live folk rock for the grown-ups.

November 17th

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Břeclav Beer Basket

While possibly a slight mistranslation, we think this event, and its title, both look great! Over

two November evenings Břeclav will be celebrating its 9 surrounding breweries. Attendees receive a glass and catalogue to take themselves on a tasting tour, with live music and a selection of traditional food.

November 16th and 17th

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Top Fermenting Conference

This event is quite unusual compared to our usual selection, simply owing to quite how serious it seems! Talks will range from the economic factors modern brewers are taking into account, to the science of water minerals and pH affecting final taste and appearance.

November 28th, 9am-8pm

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Cvikov Brewery’s 3rd Birthday

The Cvikov Brewery, located in Nový Bor, is celebrating the 3rd year since its restoration and re-opening, and it looks set to be a fun day. Brewery tours and dance performances will precede the unveiling of a celebratory 14° beer, followed by live music and fireworks.

November 25th, 10am onwards

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Mala Strana Beer Tasting Tour

Every Saturday, Bohemian Brews has their Mala Strana Beer Tasting Tour starting at 15.30 for those curious and thirsty guests who’d like to taste Czech Beer Culture at its finest.

Every Saturday at 15.30

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