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Fat Cat

Snazzy decor, colorful furniture, and an upbeat vibe make Fat Cat a cool place to hang out and drink expensive beers in Prague’s Old Town.

Beer Events - June

June is here, with all its oddly shaped sunburns, summer storms, and, for the first time, no smoking in Czech pubs! Whatever your feelings about cigarettes, the new law pretty much...

Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden

Outdoor drinking is the thing to do in Prague when the weather turns nice. However, it’s often hard to find something other than the thirst quenching Pilsner or Gambrinus. With 2...

Beer Events - May

May is here, and with it our list of some of the best beer tastings, events, and festivals, both in Prague and further afield. The incessant rain as we put this summary together...

Vršovická Zahrada

A wooden castle-like tiered ensemble gives visitors 3 floors of unique space to drink, chat, and do a little urban gardening. Fencing off Vršovická Zahrada from Francouzská’s...

Hot Pepper Pub

On Vršovice’s picturesque Kodaňská street, Hot Pepper’s sidewalk garden fills up fast, as locals down lagers and dine on American style pub classics. Hot Pepper’s 4 taps...

Pivovar Marina

One of the newest breweries on the seemingly infinite Prague beer scene, Pivovar Marina offers guest a fresh take on a brewery experience. Located along the Vltava river in...

Kulovy Blesk

Combining the best Czech beers, crisp and clean taps, and charming Czech atmosphere, Kulovy Blesk is one of the best places in Prague to try Czech beers.

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