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Choice has successfully become the key element of today’s most popular pubs, with atmosphere a close second. Prague’s multi-tap pubs are upping the atmosphere game, and...

Soma Bar

Few pubs have a happy hour in Prague, no doubt because the price of beer gives one an eternal happy hour. But Soma takes happy hour to another level- Kločavka's small 11°...

Diego Pivní Bar

Karlin’s Diego Pivní Bar has 7 taps of great beer, in a hood that’s becoming one of Prague’s best for drinking and dining.

Pivní Bar Blanická 28

Vinohrady’s pubs are serving an ever expanding selection of Czech microbreweries. Pivní Bar Blanická 28 is one of the newest and best priced pubs to be found in this...

Incider Bar

Variety is the spice of life, and even as dedicated beer lovers, it would be foolish to overlook a beverage that’s been steadily gaining popularity and merit as a quality local...

Bad Flash Bar

Bad Flash, a ‘flying’ brewery, operated by the folks behind Zlý Časy, has been working with the best Czech microbreweries, commissioning beers under their Bad Flash label...

Cafe Frida

Located on Karlínské Náměstí, Cafe Frida is another of the many delightful surprises popping up in the increasingly trendy neighborhood of Karlín. Serving fresh Únětické...

Café Zenit

Krymská, Prague's most famous street of hip cafes has its newest addition, Zenit. Defining itself as a 'Internet cafe and buffet' in a stylishly post-90's sort of way, Zenit’s...

Cafe V Lese

Located in the eternally grimy and edgy but charming neighborhood of Vršovice, Cafe V Lese is a lively cultural beacon for the young, Czech, and expat alternative crowd.


With Uneticky 10° and 12°, some of the best traditional Czech Lager on tap, Vzorkovna is currently the most unique, alternative club in Prague.

Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen

On our first visit to Zubaty Pes, one of the few pubs in Prague to feature good beers on tap from foreign countries, we noticed that on a few of their 15 taps had beers from a...

První Pivní Tramway

At the end of tram 11, you’ll find an unusual little pub which has made Czech beer history.

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